All Along – Johnathan David



Johnathan David Uncut- On My Style Intro

Johnathan David Uncut Raw Footage. Talking about the creation of “My Style Intro” and Kenny Loggin’s Sample used from 1977′s Lady Luck.

Rezident Management Group- Going Strong in 2013

Johnathan David is so proud to be a big part of the team at Resident Management-

It’s not just because he is close to the CEO. Look for more of the JD Brand and the Rezident Brand to co-exist together for the Summer of 2013

Stay tuned to Johnathan’s official page for more updates and a special up coming interview with DJ NOEL

Check out the promo below-

Johnathan David- Talks Monster’s Diamond Tear Headphones

Johnathan David promoting New Diamond Tear Headphones from Monster. Compares to Beats by Dre. Answering questions from his official website

Fans ask Johnathan about his headphone selection in the studio.


Johnathan David- 2013 Rare In Studio Conversation

Johnathan David- In San Diego, CA Studio

Johnathan David talking in San Diego, CA Studio. Rare sit down conversation.
Discussing 2013, Music, Current Events, Lakers, Chargers, Justin Bieber


Johnathan David- 2013 Rare In Studio Conversation Part 2

Johnathan David in San Diego, CA

Johnathan David talking in San Diego, CA Studio. Rare sit down conversation.
Discussing 2013, Music, Current Events, Lakers, Chargers, Justin Bieber

Summer 2013 Update- To Infinity & Beyond

Personal Message From Johnathan;

Hey Fans,

It’s been a minute since I have reached out to all of you. Between the everyday’s of life and trying to be the BEST I can be, it’s a busy world. First off, thank you for the continued support (especially over-seas in Europe). I am so grateful my music has had a chance to be heard on that side of the world. It truly is a Blessing.

I have been in the studio working on some new material and I am very excited to start testing it out on those eager ears. This summer will find me taking on a very serious role as a songwriter/producer (not so much in the way of performing). However, you know I will have to grace a track or two. All the artists I will be working with are new, fresh, up & coming, hungry, and HOTTTT of the press. I’m super excited about the new pool of talent, and even more excited about the significant number of singed as well as unsigned artists that were waiting to get on a J.David track! Gives me Goose Bumps!

No promises, no dates, no bs….just Johnathan… I always bring you the best of me. It just so happens the “best of me” is music.

Please keep up with the website and facebook, because it will be my window to you. Thank You to my Team as always for making me look better than I do. We are growing and it’s SUPER exciting to see. Let’s get em yall !

Not So Vintage- Johnathan David & Tim Reid Jr- Studio Set-Up

He’s Picky about his set up…..but he will work WITH ANYTHING….

Over 10,000 Youtube Views for Johnathan David’s My Style

In just a little over a month, the leaked Full Version of Johnathan David’s short intro My Style has received over  10,000 views on Youtube. Not to mention, it does not seem to be slowing down. The song has gone world-wide and thanks to the support of the UK, Germany, France, and South America, we are hoping to keep it moving. If you havent checked out “My Style” on Youtube (full version) click the link below!


New Promo Video for “All Along” Full Version hits Youtube

Johnathan David back on Youtube with another Promo video for his Full version of All Along

Click the link below