Bio- Johnathan David has had both hands in the Music Industry for over a decade. Johnathan got his first big break at the age of 16 playing drums for Former Motown Recording Artists & Singer/Songwriter“Tim Miner”. By the age of 18, he signed on to tour with world renowned worship leader & Artists Ron Kenoly. Before the age of 20, not only was Johnathan recognized as a professional musician, he had also begin to develop his craft and first true love for songwriting. Since 2001 Johnathan has contributed musically to dozens of independent and local projects in Southern CA. Taking on roles such as producer, writer, vocal arranger and musician, Johnathan has definitely kept busy in Southern Cali’s independent music scene.

His collaboration list of recognized as well as un-discovered talent continues to grow. Johnathan has worked with and shared the stage with many established artists including Bebe Winans, M.C. Hammer, Kenoly Brothers, Darlene Zscech, T-bone, Amy Grant, and many more.

Today- In 2012 J.David is looking to enlarge his territory, expand his art, and really make his mark on the commercial side of the music industry. J.D. has just completed a 5 song compilation CD that speaks truth to almost every genre and style of popular music today. All the songs on this special project were written, produced, and arranged by Johnathan. The first two tracks on the project (My Style intro & All Along) also highlight J.D.’s ability to step in front of the mic and hold his own with 2 stellar solo performances. GiMe Music is proud to officially introduce Johnathan David to all the major record labels and their publishing affiliates.